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This all might seem a bit silly for those who know their way around a kitchen, but I remember the times when I moved into a new space and didn’t have the tools needed to prepare delicious meals. For those who might be entering this situation, this might be a good help for you to set up your new kitchen.

Bamboo UtensilsThe first place to start would be a set of bamboo utensils. I had a tip on the old site saying you should use wooden utensils, and I’ll stand by it here. They’re wonderful on your pans, especially if you end up with nonstick coated ones. A basic set will at least contain a spoon, slotted spoon, and spatula. Better sets will also include a single-hole mixing spoon and a flat turner. Either set will come at a very small price and are ideal for many needs.

Outside of the bamboo utensils, I’d also suggest a good wire whisk. Spoons can only go so far when you need to thoroughly mix some items. Making a bechamel or whipping eggs are examples. You should also pick up a set of two ladles. One normal one you would spoon soup with, and another that is perforated for when you need to fish solid items out of liquid.

ColanderSpeaking of separating solids from liquids, definitely invest in a strainer. One around 8 to 10 inches in diameter. Also pick up a colander, as it will make your life easier when you need to drain pasta or boiled vegetables. The strainer can also do the task within reason, but I’ll be honest for the small amount of money a colander costs, it’s worth it.

Mixing bowls are a definite to have. You can go multiple sizes if you wish, but I’ve done well with just having 2 or 3 inexpensive bowls each around 12” in diameter. Go for stainless steel or aluminum if you can. Cutting boards are also ideal if you value your countertops. Best practice is one for anything plant-related, and one for anything meat-related. Don’t use the same board for everything, and replace those boards once a year at least (for sanitary reasons). If you have the money, also get a small one for cutting bread, sandwiches, etc. The small jobs.

Measuring Cups and SpoonsFinishing off the list are measuring cups, one for liquids and one set for solids. Measuring spoons are a good idea as well. A peeler is ideal to pick up, as well as a brush for spreading oils and melted butter on items. Lastly, you won’t go far without a can opener.

Now I’m sure there are probably other items like a meat tenderizer or rolling pin you would say are “essential”. Definitely pick up anything you might think is essential to you, but I only advise buying things you know you’ll use regularly, or else you’ll get a packed drawer full of stuff collecting dust.

You might have noticed I didn’t mention pots, pans, or knives. Those are discussions for another day.

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