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This site is mobile...again

Culinaria on a smartphone and tablet

Of course it seems ridiculous in this day and age to proclaim your site is “mobile-friendly” when it seems to be the standard now in web design. Nonetheless, I felt this was important to note as it was a tip from the old site.

Lately whenever I cook or try out a new recipe, I often have my smartphone or tablet there on the counter with me as opposed to a printed recipe. I’ll have recipes I’ve bookmarked or even come to this site as my own personal reference.

When I redesigned this site, tablets and smartphones weighed heavily in my decision-making. I did the research and looked into the different sizes as well as different operating systems. I wanted users to enjoy this site regardless if they’re on a laptop, iPhone, Kindle Fire, iPad, Nexus phone or tablet, etc.

Technology aside, take advantage of the cross compatibility to make life greener and more convenient when you want to try a recipe. If this site does not work well in your device, let me know.

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