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Build your own recipe book

Recipe BookMost of the food I’ve learned to make started off as recipes from other web sites, magazines, and books I’ve encountered. If you’re surprised by this, then I’d honestly love to know how you go about learning new dishes.

In the end, the final recipes you see up on this site are the results of our own modifications and tweaks we did as we learned the dish. Whenever I want to prepare one of these dishes again, I have to come back to my recipe, because no matter how well my memory works, I simply cannot remember it all, even if I have the original guideline I followed.

The book you see in the image is a beautiful binder Zuzana gave me long ago. I used to fill it with printouts of recipes from the websites I came across, but later removed them and started to place my own recipes inside. I’d lay them out with imagery the way I would see in the Culinaria series of books. Stephanie will actually go and make polished cookbooks of her own recipes off I myself have been pondering this move as well.

The tip here is when you find a great recipe you love, and especially when you modify to make it your own, write it down, print it, bookmark it, or even save it on social media sites like Pinterest. Build your own recipe book or database. Don’t just let it go, because you might very well crave that dish in a few months, but can’t find the recipe. If you have the time, have fun with it and make your own cookbook to go with the others on your shelf.

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